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Swire Properties Corporate Brochure 2022 EN

Swire Properties Corporate Brochure 2022 EN

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MESSAGE FROM CHIEF EXECUTIVE This is an important year for everyone at Swire Properties as we th celebrate our 50 Anniversary. It is a milestone that allows us to acknowledge our achievements over five decades. We are proud of what we have achieved; the places we’ve transformed and the vibrant communities we’ve helped to build in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland, Miami and South-east Asia. We are looking to the future with confidence and we will continue to maintain our leadership in sustainable development. But what defines us and truly sets us apart is our commitment to originality. It captures our creative and innovative spirit; inspiring ideas that will drive future achievements. Originality has helped us set new industry standards in all we do; from how we manage our office, retail, residential and hotel properties to how we create exceptional places where people can live happier and healthier lives. This eBook illustrates why we have chosen “ORIGINAL. ALWAYS.” th as the theme for our 50 Anniversary. I hope you enjoy reading it. Tim Blackburn Chief Executive Swire Properties PAGE 4 SWIRE PROPERTIES

Taikoo Dockyard and Taikoo Sugar Refinery Photo Credit © Swire Archives Swire first came to Hong Kong in the 1870s determined to capitalise on the island’s ideal location to support its flourishing trade with China. To do so, the company built a new dockyard and a sugar refinery. While both successful commercial entities, Taikoo Dockyard and Taikoo Sugar Refinery spawned a vibrant community. Here most of the components we would expect in today’s ideal neighbourhoods were to be found. There was housing constructed for the workers; there was a social club and recreational facilities, as well as free health care. There was even a funicular railway to help people get around. This site is where Swire created one of the city’s earliest examples of placemaking. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 5

Swire Properties: Swire Properties’ history has been one of conceiving, creating, managing and then 50 years of enhancing extraordinary places; accepting the special obligation it has to Hong Kong and the cities in which it operates; to contributing places of value. Its commitment transformational to the creative transformation of the urban landscape and the formation of dynamic communities has helped shape the company over the past five decades. In reality, placemaking Swire Properties has been defined by the places it has created and the human stories it has shaped. Helped by a supportive 200-year-old parent, history and legacy have ingrained indelible traits on Swire Properties and its employees. All decisions are made with an acute focus on the long-term and with a deep sense of responsibility to Hong Kong and to the cities in which the company operates. This has resulted in a series of thriving communities among which Swire Properties has grown up and is proud to be a part of. A new city Rewind to 50 years ago, and there were scarce ready-made examples of placemaking, if any, in Hong Kong. In 1972, few could have predicted that the newly formed Swire Properties would transform an old dockyard and sugar refinery into a thriving new district. Buoyed by the company’s creative thinking and ability to find original solutions, Swire Properties was able to achieve ground-breaking residential design that would improve lives, of a type never seen before on Hong Kong Island. As Taikoo Shing’s 61 towers emerged in 11 stages, so did the supporting amenities Swire Properties cleverly identified - based entirely on what the new residents required and creating lifestyle amenities beyond anything previously imagined. A neighbourhood shopping centre was built, Cityplaza, still the largest mall on Hong Kong Island. New office towers would drive a growing traffic of customers to the shops and restaurants. With the opening of the MTR Island Line and the Central Wan Chai bypass, Swire Properties had created what was to prove a template for success – a thriving, fully- integrated, mixed-use community connected by excellent transportation. EAST further enhanced the offering of the district, becoming a lifestyle hotel, integral to the social fabric of the local community. This was a tale of ‘firsts’. The city’s first ice rink in a mall, one of the first residential estates to incorporate public art and green spaces, landscaped for pleasure and relaxation. PAGE 6 SWIRE PROPERTIES

Setting standards In 1985 Swire Properties purchased a seemingly isolated plot of land in Admiralty, then home to the former Victoria Barracks. Envisaging the masterplan for a successful future that no one else imagined at the time, created fertile ground for transformative placemaking. On a notable tract of land in a prime location, with an original idea and a blueprint, conveniently connected to the rest of the city. Gaining status over the past four decades as a pioneering integrated development, Pacific Place has demonstrated that the best places are deliberately created with intent, ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Top-tier office space that extended Central Business District; a cluster of five-star hotels, exclusive high-rise serviced apartments and an ingeniously-designed retail stage created a new benchmark for mixed-use developments in the region; putting Admiralty firmly on the map. And Swire Properties’ visionary master plan didn’t stop there. An innovative new tunnel linking Pacific Place with Wan Chai allowed careful extension into the surrounding community. This delivered a plan of revitalisation for Star Street Precinct – with prime office space, re-designed residences and an enhanced streetscape, the vibrant backdrop to new shops, bars, restaurants and landscaped open spaces. Returning to a historical Hong Kong neighbourhood the refreshed hallmarks of texture, colour and personality; even willingly investing resources on initiatives to the benefit of the wider community. st The opportunity for In the decade before the turn of the 21 century, Hong Kong had begun to identify global recognition new commercial zones and vibrant employment hubs across the city. One was Quarry Bay, where Swire Properties had over 100 years of association. The company seized a unique opportunity – invested in land and built a premium office- led infrastructure. And ultimately, its transformation into the present-day global business district, Taikoo Place. This has been placemaking on a grand scale. Taikoo Place is now home to over 300 international corporations and successfully serves the widest needs of more than 35,000 office workers. Anchored by two MTR stations, with ten premium office towers, including One and Two Taikoo Place, Hong Kong’s smartest and greenest offices, the complex is inventively connected by an expansive series of elevated footbridges. With vibrant hubs enhanced by the convenience of restaurants, bars and a members’ club, and with EAST offering residences and a lifestyle hotel on the doorstep, Taikoo Place delivers the efficiencies of business life balanced by recreational spaces. Here, landscaped gardens and parks are brought to life by artistic installations, seasonal markets and a dedicated approach to sustainable community-building. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 7

th Original placemaking in Even at the close of the 20 century there were few original stand-out global the Chinese Mainland references for the Chinese Mainland’s dynamic, if increasingly saturated mega-mall market. Guangzhou was the first to benefit. The eye-catching, environmentally-cutting-edge Taikoo Hui mixed-use, retail-led centre would soon become a leading hub for the city. It proved to be a much-admired precursor for a similar, high-quality, large-scale Hui- branded concept in Shanghai – the Chinese city where Swire first traded over 150 years ago. Each destination, by upgrading its individual neighbourhoods, created a flagship world-class asset for its city. With the Taikoo Li model would, in turn, create places which would set the city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle agenda for trendy shoppers; culture seekers and provide exemplary hospitality for its visitors. Having redefined the role of the real estate developer in the creation of a series of extraordinary places, Swire Properties had another, entirely new concept to bring to life. In 2008, the company took an original, lane-driven, open-plan retail concept and turned Taikoo Li, Sanlitun into one of the city’s most exciting hot spots which has given a new generation of trend-setting Beijing natives a place they can easily identify with; a development which represents their values and a lifestyle they aspire to. In collaboration with the city and local authorities, this placemaking success was repeated in Chengdu. Using the historic Daci Temple as a model of 1300-year of evolving heritage as an iconic backdrop, Swire Properties embraced the innovative low-level, open plan design made so successful in Sanlitun, and with added Sichuan- based architectural sensitivity wrapped around six renovated heritage buildings, including the historic Guangdong Hall. The result is a development that breathes new life and culture into the city. Taikoo Li has earned its place as a contemporary, retail-led Chinese hub with its own identity; recently opening a third complex in Qiantan, Shanghai. Swire Properties’ second development in Shanghai, Taikoo Li Qiantan is a retail development which focuses on wellness and sustainability, maintaining the open-plan and lane-driven architectural design of the “Taikoo Li” brand. Its diverse mix of 250 shops spans luxury retail, high-end and trendy fashion, dining and entertainment, lifestyle and health, underpinned by arts and culture. Adding to Taikoo Li’s portfolio, is a fourth retail development under development in the ancient capital Xi’an within the Small Wild Goose Pagoda historical and cultural zone, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Notably, all of Taikoo Li’s existing and future developments contribute significantly to the urban regeneration of their city districts. They are testament to Swire Properties’ commitment to championing original, long-term placemaking designed to build and sustain dynamic communities, within a visionary cultural context. Changing the face of In Miami, Swire Properties exhibits neighbourhood placemaking on a large scale, downtown Miami staged in one of North America’s most vibrant cities. In 1978, Swire Properties bought a deserted, man-made island off Brickell in Biscayne Bay and set about transforming it. Brickell Key is now one of the city’s most in- demand, ultra-luxury private residential communities. Moving a short way inland, in 2016 Swire Properties opened the substantial, retail- led, mixed-use Brickell City Centre with its cutting-edge environmental features. Its powerful arrival heralded the city’s effective move south, over the river. Brickell City Centre has become the new centre of gravity in Miami and an exemplar for placemaking globally. PAGE 8 SWIRE PROPERTIES

50 Years of In 2022, Swire Properties celebrated its 50th anniversary. To honour this milestone, Original Thinking the company launched the year-long “ORIGINAL. ALWAYS.” campaign highlighting Swire Properties’ creative and innovative spirit; and reflecting its long-term commitment over the decades and into the future. Swire Properties has shared 50 stories of Originality, as well as events, arts and cultural initiatives that have touched its communities globally. Of these stories we have curated examples that best exemplify Swire Properties’ placemaking philosophy and convey ORIGINAL. ALWAYS. in unique ways. Video th View our 50 Anniversary film about what it means to be Original Video Hear from our previous and current leaders on our 50 years of placemaking Learn more about Swire Properties' 50th Anniversary campaign here SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 9

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A living, breathing prototype. That’s original. Taikoo Place Taikoo Place is not just the headquarters for Swire Properties, it is a constantly evolving example of Swire Properties’ original thinking approach. Over the past four decades, Taikoo Place has transformed from a dockyard into one of the best planned global business districts. Home to over 300 multinational corporations, Taikoo Place is proving ground for innovations in sustainable development, tenant engagement, community building, art initiatives, greener dining, work-life balance and more. And with the completion of Two Taikoo Place and nearly 70,000 sq ft of green space opening, it’s still growing. A living, breathing prototype. That’s original. The place to be, thirty years on. That’s original. Pacific Place Architectural Digest named Pacific Place one of the most beautifully designed malls in the world. But the real beauty lies within. Beyond the design, materials and attention to detail, beyond the retail mix and customer journey, is the idea of Pacific Place itself. Swire Properties saw the site for something different. A mixed-use development combining luxury retail, commercial office towers and several hotels. It was to be the first of its kind. In 2011 the designer Thomas Heatherwick was engaged to contemporise the development. His use of fluid forms and natural materials, helped to set new industry benchmark for lifestyle experience. Still the place to be, thirty years on. That’s original. PAGE 10 SWIRE PROPERTIES

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Becoming part of a city. That’s original. Taikoo Li Sanlitun Along with the Forbidden City and historical neighbourhoods like Gulou, Taikoo Li Sanlitun has become part of the identity of modern Beijing. Since its opening in 2008, Taikoo Li Sanlitun has established itself as one of the places for shopping, dining, hospitality and entertainment. It features an original lane concept, inspired by Beijing’s traditional hutong lanes, with multiple paths and criss- crossing spaces that invite leisurely wandering. Taikoo Li Sanlitun, like all developments from Swire Properties, endeavours to provide a sense of local pride. Becoming part of a city. That’s original. Creating new communities. That’s original. Brickell Key Looking at the thriving community that has become known as Brickell Key, it’s hard to imagine that up until the late 1970s, it was little more than small, barren patch of land, off the coast of Miami. Now this expansive reclaimed island, connected to Miami’s dynamic financial district, forms an integral part of the city. Seeing what Brickell Key has become a popular neighbourhood for live, work and play, it’s hard to imagine Miami without it. Creating new communities. That’s original. Creating places to build homes around. That’s original. Taikoo Shing Our earliest residential project has grown to become one of our greatest examples of placemaking. Started in 1975, Taikoo Shing Phase 1 quickly became the benchmark in Hong Kong for quality private homes. What set Taikoo Shing apart was the overarching design of the district, building homes around gardens, art spaces and the community. Several generations on, this neighbourhood continues to flourish with 12,500 homes and also with the biggest shopping mall in Hong Kong Island - Cityplaza. Creating places to build homes around. That’s original. Find out more of Swire Properties’ stories of originality here SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 11

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Modern retail inspired by ancient culture. That’s original. Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu In a world struggling to protect tradition and cultural identity, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu is a breath of fresh air. Instead of the conventional tower approach, Taikoo Li Chengdu, designed by The Oval Partnership, architects of Taikoo Li Sanlitun, continued the ‘lane ’retail concept with a strong aesthetic directly inspired by traditional Sichuan architecture with an innovative, modern approach. This example of the Taikoo Li concept features six traditional courtyards and buildings within the site that have been preserved and revitalised. The adjacent Daci Temple also contributes to the historical and cultural essence of the complex. Modern retail concepts inspired by ancient culture. That’s original. Making streets taste better. That’s original. Tong Chong Street Market Tong Chong Street Market is a great example of how thinking outside of the box can transform neighbourhoods and communities. Established in 2016 as a way to promote a new and emerging culinary art form - gourmet street food. Tong Chong Street Market has grown to be a haven for advocates and influencers of all things delicious as well as healthy and sustainable approaches to growing, cooking, reposting and recycling food. Each market-day is a vibrant, social event featuring everything from fresh farmers’ produce to creative dishes, cooking tips, and the latest food and beverage trends. Making streets taste better. That’s original. PAGE 12 SWIRE PROPERTIES

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Providing people experiences to remember. That’s original. Cityplaza Ice Palace You never forget your first attempt at ice skating. The nerves, the wobbles, the laughter, and the family and friends you hold onto for dear life. It’s the kind of memory you cherish, which is why in 1982, Swire Properties had the original idea of creating Ice Palace inside Taikoo Shing’s Cityplaza Shopping Mall. Since then, Ice Palace has become a popular training ground for many of Hong Kong’s competitive skaters. And Cityplaza has continued to find countless new ways to give the local communities one-of-a-kind memories, including the time they transformed the skating rink into a colourful giant ball pit. Providing people experiences to remember. That’s original. Creating a green oasis beneath train tracks. That’s original. The Underline In the shade of Miami’s Metrorail elevated train tracks, a beautiful and original idea has taken root. Working together with Miami-Dade County, the local community, and award-winning architecture studios James Corner Field Operations, we are helping to transform overlooked and under-utilised land into 10 miles of linear park space complete with urban trails, art installations and public facilities for fitness, yoga and all round wellbeing. Creating an oasis beneath train tracks. That’s original. Building lifestyle destinations on cultural foundations. That’s original. HKRI Taikoo Hui At the heart of one Shanghai’s Jing’an district is a story of incredible cultural preservation and original thinking. The district has become known for being home to an innovative fashionable retail space, two grade A office towers, two hotels and its serviced apartments including The Middle House. But perhaps, the cornerstone of this community is the ex-Minli Middle School building. In order to preserve this century-old cultural landmark, the building was restored and moved 57 metres on hydraulic jacks. Building lifestyle destinations on cultural foundations. That’s original. Find out more of Swire Properties’ stories of originality here SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 13

Working together for good. That’s original. Community Ambassador Nurturing a sense of local pride and bringing people together are hallmarks of Swire Properties unique approach to placemaking. A true community is one that takes care of everyone. For 20 years, Swire Properties Community Ambassador has brought together a network of business partners, tenants, staff, families and friends to give back to the society. Last year alone, the programme hosted over 60 events, and provided over 4800 volunteer service hours. Working together for good. That’s original. Letting students run the show. That’s original. Placemaking Academy Each year, over 100 top students apply, interview and pitch for their place among a select few for a programme unlike any other. For a half-year apprenticeship, they are teamed up, given space, guidance, mentorship and resources, to handle one of the most unique projects in the Swire Properties calendar - The White Christmas Street Fair at Taikoo Place in Hong Kong. This rare opportunity for the brightest and freshest minds to take the reins, aims to positively shape their careers for years to come. Putting youth and experience together. That’s original. PAGE 14 SWIRE PROPERTIES

A company which builds people. That’s original. Randstad Award People are always considered the greatest asset of any company. At Swire Properties we go to great lengths to identify the potential and invest in the development of our greatest assets. We see every colleague as an individual and consider their strengths, well-being and unique career path. It’s an original approach that contributed towards Swire Properties being voted as Hong Kong’s Most Attractive Employer in the 2022 Randstad Employer Brand Research, and we have been ranked among the top ten positions since 2017. A company focused on building people. That’s original. Seeing diversity as our greatest strength. That’s original. Diversity One area the world is moving the right direction, is the need for greater diversity in the workplace. Swire Properties has always appreciated the incredible value of diversity at all levels of our organisation. We believe in level playing fields, equality, and hiring and promoting based on merit, not gender, age or race. This is reflected in the fact that our gender pay ratio (female to male) is 1:1.07 in 2021 and 50% of management positions are held by women who continue to steer our progressive company in the right direction. Seeing diversity as our greatest strength. That’s original. A hotel that’s not business as usual. That’s original. EAST Hotel EAST Hotel was founded in 2010 with a belief: to bring new ideas and energy to the notion of the business hotel. Since establishing themselves in Hong Kong, Beijing and Miami, EAST has introduced countless original ideas. Everything from staff without name- tags who get to know guests one-to-one, to game changing co- working/casual dining spaces, not least paperless check-in and check-outs to help save trees. A hotel that’s not business as usual. That’s original. Find out more of Swire Properties’ stories of originality here SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 15

Taking a leaf from leaves. That’s original. Climate Ribbon at Brickell City Centre Sometimes the best solutions to modern problems can be found in nature. The Climate Ribbon at Brickell City Centre, Miami is a stunning, innovative canopy that acts as a sunshade, creates air flow and collects rainwater. In a similar way seen in the leaf structures of a tree canopy. And by also allowing natural light in to brighten the mall, it improves the area’s comfort and microclimate. Taking a leaf from leaves. That’s original. Joining forces for sustainability. That’s original. Green Performance Pledge Climate change is a challenge that the world needs to take on together. Our Green Performance Pledge (“GPP”) is a performance- based, landlord-tenant collaboration towards shared sustainability goals. The GPP guides companies to operate sustainably across entire tenancy cycle, from goal setting and action planning, to fit- out, operations, and results. Since the launch of the pilot in August 2021, over 21% of office tenants from our Hong Kong portfolios have signed up. And we aim to engage 50% of office tenants in our wholly-owned portfolios in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland by 2025. As the saying goes, if you want to go far, go together. Joining forces for sustainability. That’s original. PAGE 16 SWIRE PROPERTIES

Measuring our performance with science. That’s original. Science-Based Targets It's one thing to talk about commitments to sustainability. It’s another to invest time, resources and scientific research towards making a measurable difference. Years ago, Swire Properties set a long-term vision to be the leading sustainable development performer globally by 2030. Words that needed to be supported by actions. So we set another target to reach net zero emissions by 2050. And in order to reach that target we became the first real estate developer across Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland with approved 1.5°C-aligned science-based targets . Using science to measure our performance. That’s original. A building that’s gone triple platinum. That’s original. One Taikoo Place It’s encouraging to see more and more new buildings aspiring to achieve green certifications. The greater the competition becomes for developers to reduce the climate impact, the better it is for all people and cities around the world. One Taikoo Place is the first commercial building in Hong Kong to receive three top Platinum sustainability awards, including the much coveted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rating. A building that’s gone triple platinum. That’s original. Switching To 100% Renewable Energy. That’s original. Taikoo Hui Guangzhou Renewable Energy When it comes to electricity consumption, net zero carbon is not an impossible dream. Taikoo Hui Guangzhou is a testament to what can be achieved. Since July 2021, the development, including a large retail mall, two Grade-A office towers and a 5-star hotel, has been 100% powered by renewable electricity. Equating to an annual reduction of over 12,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and a big step towards Swire Properties’ company ambition to limit climate change to 1.5°C. Switching to 100% renewable energy. That’s original. Find out more of Swire Properties’ stories of originality here SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 17

Investing 10 years in one art show. That’s original. Art Basel Hong Kong Swire Properties firmly believes that art should be for everyone. Art that is inclusionary, accessible and speaks to all. Which is why we are proud to have supported Art Basel Hong Kong every year since the show’s inaugural event over ten years ago. This iconic contemporary global art show is an important complement to the annual Hong Kong Arts Month, when we bring internationally- inspired art and performance and original events to the public across the city. Investing not just money, but time in the arts. That’s original. Neighbourhoods bursting with art. That’s original. ArtisTree Creating places with art that’s accessible to all, is an ongoing commitment of Swire Properties. Art that reaches into and engages local communities is part of Swire Properties’ original approach to sustainable development. Along with many iconic sculptures and installations that help define neighbourhoods, are initiatives such as ArtisTree. This versatile, state of the art venue brings some of the most exciting performance art into the heart of the business community, including the sensational bubble dresses by Fredrik Tjærandsen. Neighbourhoods bursting with art. That’s original. PAGE 18 SWIRE PROPERTIES

Victoria and Albert Museum, London Partnership Bringing world-class art and The Victoria and Albert Museum, London (V&A) is one of the world’s great art and cultural exhibition spaces and definitely worth culture around the world. a visit when in London. Swire Properties asked the question, what if we could bring such incredible curations to our communities That’s original. around the world? Starting in 2008, V&A and Swire Properties collaborated on Vivienne Westwood’s “A Life in Fashion” followed by “Shoes: Pleasure and Pain” in 2017, and now, the “Bags: Inside Out” exhibition which is currently touring five Swire Properties’ retail centres, free admission for public . Bringing world-class art and culture around the world. That’s original. Places that enhance your mood. That’s original. Taikoo Li Qiantan Taikoo Li Qiantan is a recently opened complex in Shanghai that takes wellness and wellbeing to the next level, recently becoming the world's first shopping mall to receive WELL Core Platinum certification. From the overall double-open park design with multiple green spaces, AI-enabled running and walking tracks, to the iconic seven-metre-high cat installation from acclaimed British artists Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan- The indirect exchange of uncertain value, that’s designed to welcome, delight and surprise all visitors. Places that enhance your mood. That’s original. 50th Anniversary Art NFT Collection Celebrating our 50 years of thriving community-building, enriched by world-class, placemaking arts and culture, we have th commissioned a special 50 Anniversary Art NFT Collection highlighting our commemorative theme “Original. Always.” This collection takes our support for cultural programming to futuristic Video new heights, accents our creative vision, inventiveness throughout our history, and a sustained commitment to a dynamic, flourishing future. th We have commissioned 10 artists to create the 50 Anniversary Art NFT Collection that articulates their unique styles inspired by the “originality” theme. These works will be available later this year as free art drops. Artists hail from Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States and include: Benzilla, Chris Cheung (h0nh1m), William Furniss, Kongkee, Keiken, Diela Maharanie, Daniel Maltzman, XENON, Natalie Wong and Ziyang Wu. Find out more of Swire Properties’ stories of originality here SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 19

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CHAPTER 1 About Swire Properties Values and management Leadership in sustainable development Our markets SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 21


SWIRE PROPERTIES Video "Creating sustainable value and thriving communities " Swire Properties conceives, designs and manages original retail-led, mixed- use developments of scale that are a catalyst for thriving neighbourhoods. Our residential properties, offices and hotels have set new standards in their sectors, while our commitment to placemaking has enriched the lives of our surrounding communities. Underlined by original thinking, our holistic business approach integrates visionary design, first-rate facilities and exceptional management services. Underpinning this strategy is our mindset of Creative Transformation, where creativity is coupled with a long- term approach to placemaking, and our Company-wide commitment to sustainable development in everything that we do. Together, our integrity, our originality, our long-term focus and our emphasis on quality unlock sustainable value for our stakeholders, and for the communities in which we operate. 1972 + 1972 75,000 Year of establishment Working population in offices + + 6,000 2,200 Number of employees Retail outlets in shopping malls SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 23

VALUES AND MANAGEMENT At the heart of what we do, Creative Transformation is the guiding principle for how we perform and behave across all areas of our business. OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM The foundation of Swire Properties’ enviable reputation is the skill, knowledge and experience of our management team. Our Chief Executive, Tim Blackburn, leads a diverse, multicultural team with a shared conviction: that enhancing worth at every level requires a clear and coherent set of values that run seamlessly through the Company and everything we deliver. PAGE 24 SWIRE PROPERTIES


VALUES AND MANAGEMENT OUR VALUES INTEGRITY We are a trusted and loyal partner. Swire Properties treats everyone with respect and delivers on its promises; our corporate culture requires adherence to a set of uncompromising standards and ethical principles which guide our internal practices and external relationships. QUALITY We are committed to the highest standards and strive for continuous improvements. We care about details and welcome creativity in planning and design, with craftsmanship in finishes and implementation. We also adhere to the highest level of skills, professionalism and proactive management across our business. PAGE 26 SWIRE PROPERTIES

LONG-TERM FOCUS Our reputation for prudent financial stewardship allows us to think and act for the long-term and deliver sustained growth to our stable and supportive shareholder base. At Swire Properties, we concentrate on the enduring value we deliver to our stakeholders, while taking a responsible view of the social and environmental impact of our developments. This visionary and measured approach has resulted in the creation of thriving and sustainable communities. ORIGINALITY We operate with a creative mindset which enables us to seek out new perspectives and make innovative investments that unlock the potential of spaces. We are open to new ideas, we reward creativity, we have the courage to challenge convention, and we believe differences of opinion make for a stronger organisation. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 27

LEADERSHIP IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TRUST IN A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Swire Properties takes its obligation to protect people’s sustainable futures seriously; as a trusted, responsible developer and management company. The company’s ambitious goal to be the development industry’s global leader in sustainability by 2030 and its commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 underpins every decision made. These undertakings will ensure more liveable projects that significantly contribute to the future wellbeing of its communities worldwide. SD 2030 PLACES Through effective placemaking and long-term IS BUILT ON FIVE PILLARS placekeeping, we aim to continue to transform the places in which we invest so as to create Sustainable development (SD) is central to Swire Properties’ business value, whilst retaining their character, supporting philosophy. We take seriously our impact on the environment and on communities and enhancing people’s lives. the people who live, work and visit our local neighbourhoods, while we strive to deliver sustainable economic performance and create PEOPLE We aim to create an environment where our lasting value for these communities. employees will be healthier, happier and more productive, to invest in our employees and to Our commitment, strategy and approach are defined in our provide rewarding career paths so as to develop comprehensive SD 2030 Strategy (SD 2030), which includes 48 a diverse and industry-leading team. targets across 29 focus areas, most with measurable and actionable KPIs. PARTNERS We aim to continue to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our Aligned with many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development business partners and other key parties so as to Goals (SDGs), our SD 2030 Strategy is built on five pillars: improve our environmental, social and economic performance. PERFORMANCE We aim to continue to design, construct and (ENVIRONMENTAL) manage high quality developments that contribute positively to communities and the environment. PERFORMANCE We aim to deliver sustainable economic (ECONOMIC) performance coupled with good corporate governance and high ethical standards. PAGE 28 SWIRE PROPERTIES

"Our vision is to be the leading sustainable development performer in our industry globally by 2030." Guy Bradley Chairman A TOTAL BUILDING LIFECYCLE APPROACH SWIRE PROPERTIES' GREEN PERFORMANCE PLEDGE These SD actions and strategies are unified by our long-term vision, In 2021, Swire Properties became the first real estate developer in where we carefully consider the social and environmental impact Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland to have its 1.5°C-aligned that will occur throughout the entire lifecycle of our buildings. science-based target (SBTis) approved by Science Based Target Our holistic, integrated approach brings design, construction, initiative. management and operations teams together, reducing impact and This means we pledge ourselves to ambitious climate action to set creating efficiencies at every level in our properties. our emission reduction targets to align with limiting global warming to 1.5°C; which is the crucial pathway to setting targets to reach net- DESIGN OPERATION zero emissions by 2050. Apart from aligning with the Paris Agreement Scope 1 and 2 decarbonisation targets, these SBTs also involve Scope 3 targets, which take aim at tenants’ carbon emissions and embodied carbon emissions of new development projects. Echoing Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland's pledges to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and 2060 respectively, as part of its Sustainable Development (SD) 2030 Strategy, Swire Properties original Green Performance Pledge (GPP) continues to grow rapidly in popularity, helping our office tenants take their overall SD performance to new levels. Swire Properties aims to engage 50%* of office tenants in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland by 2025 to drive sustainability performance in DEMOLITION MAINTENANCE collaboration with our tenants, to help them achieve their sustainable development goals. *Measured by occupied lettable floor area (“LFA”) of office portfolio at 100% basis comprising Taikoo Place and Pacific Place in Hong Kong, as well as Taikoo Hui in Guangzhou. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 29

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PROVIDING LEADERSHIP FOR AN DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION EVER-CHANGING INDUSTRY Swire Properties puts Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at the forefront of RESEARCH PARTNERSHIPS our policies. In 2021, with 50% of management positions within the Swire Properties has collaborated with Tsinghua University’s Joint organisation today held by women, and women making up 49% of Research Centre for Building Energy Efficiency and Sustainability senior management positions are held by women, as well as a gender since 2011, developing and testing new methods for increasing energy pay ratio of 1:1.07 female to male employees, we are committed efficiency and improving environmental performance in our projects. to providing fair and bias-free processes for recruiting, developing This partnership has led to the development of systems which collect and promoting our employees. Empowering women and girls and operational data, generating substantial energy savings and allowing achieving gender equality in the workplace is an ongoing priority, as us to share new ideas and practices with our employees, business we continue to foster an inclusive and supportive working environment partners, industry peers and other researchers. With this collaboration , for all our people. we are working together to push the boundaries of traditional building management by developing new artificial intelligence technologies, improving indoor air quality and increasing the use of renewable energy, among other measures. 50% Management position are held by women 49% Senior management positions are held by women 1:1.07 Gender pay ratio (female to male) PAGE 30 SWIRE PROPERTIES

PLACES IMPACT REPORT THE LOOP Understanding the ultimate impact of the places we develop and The Loop at Devon House in Taikoo Place and The Loop at INDIGO in manage on people and the environment is crucial to our long-term Beijing are our sustainable development exhibition centres and their decision making. In 2020, we released our first Places Impact Report, community engagement and urban farm concept has been extended focusing on Hong Kong’s Island East – an area in which Swire has to other properties across Hong Kong, including One Island East, One invested for 135 years – addressing the question “What makes a great Pacific Place, Citygate Outlets and South Island Place. place?”. Examining both the tangible and intangible attributes of Taikoo Place and the following year, Taikoo Li Sanlitun, where our second These interactive spaces aim to increase environmental awareness report was published in conjunction with Tsinghua University’s Lab for and encourage tenants and the wider community to “close the loop” Architectural Programming and Post-Occupancy Evaluation. Assessing by incorporating sustainable practices into their business operations how Swire Properties’ placemaking and placekeeping efforts have had and everyday lives. a positive impact on the neighbourhood in Beijing’s Chaoyang District and surrounding area over the past 12 years, it applies the “Places GHG ENERGY USE Impact Framework” to explore the four dimensions of place – Vibrancy, ^ Livelihood, Wellbeing and Resilience. The Tsinghua team’s academic EMISSIONS INTENSITY research highlighted how Swire Properties’ continued investment in Taikoo Hui in Guangzhou & both hardware and software, as well as the multi-layered placemaking Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li and placekeeping elements, have contributed to Taikoo Li Sanlitun’s Chengdu became powered by Hong Kong Portfolio resilience, intrigue and continued impact. This comprehensive and 100% # innovative approach to assessing our developments has broadened how we define success, and will inform and enhance our work in renewable electricity 7% the future. Absolute GHG emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2): Chinese Mainland Portfolio Island East and Taikoo Place Places Impact Report * # 23% 3% Taikoo Li Sanlitun Places Impact Report Value chain GHG emissions (Scope 3 - Downstream Leased Assets): TENANT PARTNERSHIPS 34.6% We ensure that our tenants and building occupants are stakeholders in sustainability, with policies that engage and encourage office, retail and residential users to join our SD initiatives. These include the *Compared with the 2019 baseline. Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance, the Green Kitchen Initiative and our ^The 2025 KPIs under Energy Reduction have been updated per our approved Sustainability Fit-out Guide for Tenants. 1.5°C-aligned SBTs (compared to the 2019 baseline). Energy consumption refers to purchased electricity for the provision of shared services for and in the common parts of our buildings. #Hong Kong portfolio and Chinese Mainland portfolio refer to our office and retail portfolios and hotels in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland respectively. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 31

GLOBAL RECOGNITION Swire Properties’ leadership and commitment to sustainable development has been recognised by top global SD-related benchmarks and indices. More information on our SD 2030 Strategy can be found in our SD Report 2021. Global Sector Leader – RANKED 4TH th globally and 6 consecutive year NO. 1 (as of Nov 2022) in Asia, Member of the World th Index – 6 consecutive year MSCIESG leaders indexes Ranked No.1 for “AAA” 5 consecutive years, The highest possible rating (as of Oct 2022) “AAA” RATING GREEN FINANCE DECARBONISATION We are committed to effecting change by integrating sustainability Swire Properties was the first real estate developer in Hong Kong and considerations into our financing mechanisms. By obtaining green the Chinese Mainland to set an approved science-based target to financing through green bonds and sustainability-linked loans, we establish long-term decarbonisation goals for our portfolios around support the transition to a low-carbon, more resource efficient and the world, in line with the Paris Agreement. sustainable economy: We publish climate-related financial disclosures with reference to • First green bond in Hong Kong to obtain Green Finance the recommendations of the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Certification from HKQAA Disclosures under our governance, strategy, risk management, • 100% of the net proceeds from all green bond allocated metrics and targets. to green building projects • First sustainability-linked loan of HK$500 million has its interest rate indexed against the Company’s year-on-year ESG performance • Approximately 30% of the current bond and loan facilities came from green financing. PAGE 32 SWIRE PROPERTIES

GREEN PROCUREMENT MAKING GREEN BUILDINGS GREENER Our green procurement system tracks consumption of office • 100% of our projects under development have achieved the supplies, building services equipment and building materials that highest green building certification ratings. meet specific environmental criteria. This data is used to evaluate our • 96% of all our existing buildings have been certified as green green procurement performance and identify further opportunities buildings. to source more sustainable products. • Set against our 2025 KPIs, we are on track to meet the energy reduction target, per our new approved 1.5°C-aligned Science- • Sustainable Procurement for Hong Kong and the Chinese Based Targets (“SBTs”): Mainland in 2021: Total value HK$946 million. 2021 7% in our Hong Kong portfolio and 3% in our Chinese ↓ ↓ Mainland portfolio. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 33

CULTURE AND THE ARTS S wire Properties believes that culture and the arts are fundamental over 20 years, Swire Properties has supported the Hong Kong Youth t o s u sta i ni ng vi brant c ommuniti es. Arts Foundation in its commitment to providing high-quality arts Art helps f ost er local i dentity and pride , while inspiring creativity and enriching the quality of opportunities for the city’s youth. We work closely with our partners people ’ s lives. The developments across our portfolio feature an to contribute to the cultural scene in all the cities where we operate, i nt ern a t i on a l ly-i n s p i r ed ra n g e o f with events such as the Beijing Music Festival at Taikoo Li Sanlitun a rtw ork on perma nent d i s pl a y, alongside a vibrant programme of exhibition-based installations, and INDIGO; and the youth-focused Canton Culture Summer Camp c ommi ssioning leading int ernational and local arti at Taikoo Hui in Guangzhou. We also provide dedicated spaces sts t o bring art and culture t th o our spac es. In 20 2 2, we c for exhibitions and performances, notably our acclaimed, multi- elebrat ed our 1 0 year in partnership with the ic onic Art Basel Hong K functional art space ArtisTree in Taikoo Place, and The Red in Taikoo ong show , thi s enduring c ollaboration was founded on the mutual desire t Li Sanlitun. Here, high-quality, international and local performances o creat e a cultural dialogue around arts within our c enrich people’s lives; all while fostering vibrant neighbourhoods that ommunity, inspiring the city’ s ri se t o bec ome an int ernational cultural hub with a thriving art sc contribute to more contented communities. ene . F or VIDEO LINK PAGE 34 SWIRE PROPERTIES

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OUR MARKETS For five decades, we have built a reputation for outstanding quality and impactful placemaking in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and Miami. This reputation has bought us further growth in other key cities, namely Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Jakarta, Indonesia; and with more projects in Greater Bay Area, Xi'an and Sanya under development. HONG KONG JAKARTA, INDONESIA 17.4M sq ft* 1.1M sq ft THE CHINESE M AINLAND HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM 19.9M sq ft* 8.0M sq ft All gross floor area ( G F A MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES ) data based on the major c omplet ed developments and those under development. All fi gures are shown on a 1 00% basi 3.4M sq ft s. * 2 6 9 Queen ’ s R oad East in Hong K ong and Sanya projects are not included PAGE 38 SWIRE PROPERTIES




OUR PORTFOLIO Swire Properties is known and trusted for our solid corporate values, the quality of our projects, and our firm commitment to sustainability and long-term value creation. Each of our properties has its own distinctive characteristics, while also incorporating the Company’s visionary sustainability considerations and operating under the same uncompromising business standards. PAGE 42 SWIRE PROPERTIES

EACH OF OUR is tailor-made connects to extensive DEVELOPMENTS for its home city transport networks respects the is a leading example broader culture and of sustainable development local environment makes positive contributions to the enhancement of its surrounding neighbourhood and community SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 43

TAIKOO PLACE HONG KONG Taikoo Place is one of the best-planned and designed Global Business Districts with a dynamic, integrated community. PAGE 44 SWIRE PROPERTIES




Taikoo Place encapsulates Swire Properties’ values, Comprising ten office towers, Taikoo Place is home originality and long-term perspective. Swire began to over 300 multinational corporations, including placemaking here in the late 1880s, building first a sugar many Fortune 500 companies, and more than 35,000 refinery and then the Taikoo Dockyard – developing both office workers. A wide range of business and leisure industry and the surrounding community by providing amenities are situated within the community, including accommodation, recreational facilities and even a EAST Residences, the acclaimed, multi-functional art school. Since then, we have continued to replicate this space ArtisTree, the co-working hub Blueprint, private model. By creating long-lasting connections between members’ club The Refinery, Taikoo Park, and an array of people, their work, their lives, and even nature itself, restaurants, cafés and dining concepts. These functions Swire Properties eventually transformed the area into and amenities work together to benefit productivity and the thriving residential, retail and global business district tenant wellbeing, while also uplifting the surrounding it is today. neighbourhood, creating a model for cities everywhere. TAIKOO OFFICE RETAIL PLACE sq ft sq ft 7,076,000 12,000 SERVICED APARTMENTS PARKING sq ft Over 63,000 1600 spaces All gross floor area ( GF A ) data based on the c omp l e t ed d e v e l op me n ts a nd t ho se u nd e r development. All figures are shown on a 100% basis. ONE TAIKOO PLACE ONE TAIKOO PLACE TWO TAIKOO PLACE Adopts numerous Against building First commercial building in First building in Hong Kong energy code baseline Asia to achieve a triple platinum to be WiredScore & SmartScore rating: W ELL Final Platinum, LEED certified, achieving the highest ENERGY ANNUAL ENERGY Final Platinum, BEAM Plus Final certification level of ‘Platinum'*; SAVING SAVING Platinum and with Provisional BEAM Plus STRATEGIES Platinum, Pre-certified LEED Platinum, Pre-certified WELL Platinum 34% *Two Taikoo Place and 46-56 Queen’s Road East are the first buildings in Hong Kong to obtain the certifications PAGE 48 SWIRE PROPERTIES

The ongoing redevelopment and expansion of Taikoo Place includes the addition of One Taikoo Place and Two Taikoo Place, environmentally advanced office towers offering two million sq ft of prime office space and enhanced facilities, connected to existing buildings by elevated air-conditioned walkways. Two lush new gardens, “Taikoo Square” and “Taikoo Garden”, designed by award- winning British landscape architectural practice Gustafson Porter + Bowman, will provide nearly an additional 70,000 sq ft of space when completed in 2024. 1 Cambridge House 2 Devon House 6 7 9 10 11 3 EAST Residences 5 4 Lincoln House 5 Dorset House 4 6 PCCW Tower 7 One Taikoo Place 3 8 Two Taikoo Place 2 9 Berkshire House 10 Oxford House 11 One Island East 12 ArtisTree 1 8 12 SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 49


The pioneering retail-led hub of Cityplaza is the largest shopping mall on Hong Kong Island, linked to Tai Koo MTR Station and Swire Hotels’ stylish home away from home, EAST Hong Kong. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 51


Opened in 1982, Cityplaza is the largest shopping mall on Hong Kong Island. Directly accessible from Tai Koo MTR Station, the six level mall is a focal part of the fabric of the district, housing more than 170 shops and restaurants; MOViE MOViE Cityplaza, a state of the art cinema concept complemented by a multi-functional space for events and exhibitions; the Ice Palace, an ice-skating rink much loved by the local community; and EAST, Hong Kong, Swire Hotels’ award-winning 331-room lifestyle hotel and neighbourhood social hub; which was ranked among The Best Hotels in Hong Kong 2022 in the Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards. CITYPLAZA RETAIL PARKING sq ft Over 1,100,000 800 spaces HOTEL All gross floor area ( GF A ) data based on the c omp l e t ed d e v e l op me n ts a nd t ho se u nd e sq ft r 200,000 development. All figures are shown on a 100% basis. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 53


A premier mixed-use complex, Pacific Place has transformed Hong Kong Island’s Admiralty district into a thriving commercial and lifestyle hub. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 55



1 Five Pacific Place 2 Six Pacific Place 11 13 3 8 Queen’s Road East 6 8 10 4 EIGHT STAR STREET 4 5 7 5 STAR STUDIOS 6 Three Pacific Place 7 JW Marriott Hong Kong 8 The Upper House 9 Pacific Place (Shopping Mall) 10 One Pacific Place 11 Conrad Hong Kong 12 PACIFIC PLACE APARTMENTS 13 Island Shangri-La Hong Kong 14 Two Pacific Place 15 Three Pacific Place Pedestrian Link 1 2 3 15 9 12 14 PAGE 58 SWIRE PROPERTIES

Pacific Place has transformed Hong Kong Island’s The completion of EIGHT STAR STREET in 2022 and the Admiralty district into a major commercial and lifestyle development of Five Pacific Place and Six Pacific Place will hub. The complex is home of premium office towers, further enrich the neighbourhood, adding to the tangible exclusive serviced apartments and four five-star hotels, community benefits resulting from the transformation among them The Upper House, Swire Hotels’ 117-room of Starstreet Precinct. luxury hotel, ranked among “The Best Hotels in Hong Kong” in the Condé Nast Traveler 2022 Readers' Choice Awards. Pacific Place has forged deep connections to the area and its many communities. Positioned above Admiralty MTR station, one of the city’s busiest transport interchanges, the complex is connected to Starstreet Precinct, a vibrant part of Wan Chai and a “hidden gem” in the heart of Hong Kong, voted “One of the 30 Coolest Streets in the World” by Time Out Hong Kong in 2021. PACIFIC RETAIL RESIDENTIAL PLACE sq ft sq ft 719,000 78,000 HOTELS UNDER DEVELOPMENT sq ft sq ft 1,846,000 218,000 OFFICES SERVICED APARTMENTS sq ft sq ft 2,413,000 443,000 PARKING Over 600 spaces All gross floor area ( GF A ) data based on the completed d e v e l op me n ts a nd t ho se u nd e r d e v e l op me n t. All figures are shown on a 100% basis. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 59


A placemaking retail hub, Citygate is home to Citygate Outlets and the Citygate Outlets Extension, a nine-storey A-Grade office tower, and the Novotel Citygate Hong Kong and luxury sister hotel The Silveri Hong Kong – MGallery. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 61

Located in Tung Chung on Lantau Island, Citygate In addition to the spacious, naturally-lit shopping centre, Outlets is Hong Kong’s first and largest outlet shopping Citygate Outlets comprises a nine-storey Grade-A office mall. Situated close to Hong Kong’s International Airport, Tower and two luxury hotels. Tung Chung MTR station and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai- Macao Bridge, this mixed-use development is equally An extension to Citygate Outlets launched in accessible to international tourists and local customers. 2019, almost doubling the amount of its retail space, Its appeal is boosted by excellent connectivity to public which houses over 150 international brands and over transportation and its strategic location close to such 30 F&B outlets, and with a cinema and a second hotel, Hong Kong tourist sites as the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, the 206-room The Silveri Hong Kong – MGallery, newly the Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong Disneyland and Asia opened in 2022. World-Expo. PAGE 62 SWIRE PROPERTIES

THE SILVERI HONG KONG – MGALLERY A luxury retreat, Silveri Hong Kong – MGallery overlooks Lantau’s mountains and seascape, establishing an additional new hotel to the Citigate retail and commercial eco-system. CITYGATE RETAIL OFFICE OUTLETS sq ft 840,000 sq ft 161,000 HOTEL PARKING sq ft Over 369,000 1,300 spaces All gross floor area ( GF A ) data based on the c omp l e t ed d e v e l op me n ts a nd t ho se u nd e r development. All figures are shown on a 100% basis. 1 The Silveri Hong Kong – 1 2 3 4 MGallery 2 Citygate Outlets 3 One Citygate 4 Novotel Citygate Hong Kong SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 63


An evolving, locally-inspired development philosophy for the Chinese Mainland. PAGE 65

TAIKOO LI SANLITUN BEIJING A leading lifestyle hub in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, Taikoo Li Sanlitun comprises retail, dining, The Opposite House hotel and The Red - the multipurpose event venue. PAGE 66 SWIRE PROPERTIES


This creative, original development has transformed Yaa Tang. Kuma’s influence informs the complex’s 19 a traditional nightlife area of Beijing into an exciting contemporary buildings in three zones. Taikoo Li Sanlitun lifestyle destination. The complex’s open-plan, low-rise South features dynamic, boldly colourful and angular layout is inspired by the city’s traditional hutongs and architecture, hosts young and energetic fashion brands; overlaid with contemporary architecture, creating an while Taikoo Li Sanlitun North is laid out around an open intimate, welcoming atmosphere for visitors. courtyard, reflecting the elegance of the international brands it showcases. Taikoo Li Sanlitun houses approximately 300 flagship retail outlets, a multiplex cinema and a multi-purpose Designed by world-renowned architects cultural and event space, The Red, as well as over 70 ARQUITECTONICA, the newest zone, Taikoo Li Sanlitun F&B outlets; resulting in one of Beijing’s most lively and West, opened in 2021, revamping the building to add diverse dining scenes. Also located here, Swire Hotels’ approximately 296,000 sq ft of premium retail and F&B The Opposite House, ranked among The Best Hotels in space. In tandem, a framework cooperation agreement, China in the Condé Nast Traveler 2022 Reader’s Choice signed in 2021, will transform Taikoo Li Sanlitun North Awards, is designed by renowned Japanese architect into a new cultural and commercial hub. Kengo Kuma, with interiors that celebrate traditional and modern Asian-influenced design and Michelin- starred dining, courtesy of its Chinese restaurant Jing TAIKOO LI RETAIL PARKING SANLITUN Over sq ft 1,590,000 800 spaces HOTELS All gross floor area ( GF A ) data based on the c omp l e t ed d e v e l op me n ts a nd t ho se u nd e sq ft r 169,000 development. All figures are shown on a 100% basis. 1 Taikoo Li Sanlitun West 1 2 4 3 2 Taikoo Li Sanlitun South 3 Taikoo Li Sanlitun North 4 The Opposite House PAGE 68 SWIRE PROPERTIES



SINO-OCEAN Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu offers a sustainable, open-plan lifestyle retail experience in Chengdu’s urban TAIKOO LI CHENGDUheart, featuring The Temple House hotel and serviced apartments; distinguished by its accent on culture, heritage. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 71




The second Taikoo Li complex to be Close to the popular Chunxi Road shopping developed, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu area, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu is celebrates the history and character connected to the rest of the city by Metro of its setting in an immersive shopping lines 2 and 3. Its 300 stores are organised environment, injecting vitality into the into a ‘Fast Lane’, featuring luxury brands surrounding neighbourhood. and contemporary fashion boutiques; and Wrapped around the historically important a ‘Slow Lane’, with outdoor restaurants, Buddhist Daci Temple, the complex is an al fresco cafés and lifestyle stores. The imaginative interpretation of traditional complex also holds The Temple House, Sichuan architecture, incorporating novel voted among the Best Hotels in China in the construction techniques and materials to Condé Nast Traveler 2022 Readers’ Choice integrate new structures with six impeccably Awards. A 100-room hotel that blends restored Chinese heritage buildings, traditional and modern design, including including the historic Guangdong Hall. 42 serviced apartments managed by Swire Hotels, The Temple House features the Michelin-starred Mi Xun Tea House. Powered by 100% renewable electricity, the adoption of low-carbon technologies, improved energy management, and the procurement of renewable electricity, has enabled The Temple House to achieve net- zero carbon emissions. SINO-OCEAN RETAIL PARKING TAIKOO LI CHENGDU Over sq ft 1,360,000 1,000 spaces HOTEL & SERVICED APARTMENTS All gross floor area ( GF A ) data based on the c omp l e t ed d e v e l op me n ts a nd t ho se u nd e sq ft r 306,000 development. All figures are shown on a 100% basis. 1 Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu 1 2 (Shopping Mall) 2 The Temple House SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 75


Opened in 2021 and featuring wellness-themed design and green leisure spaces, Taikoo Li Qiantan is the world’s first shopping mall to be awarded WELL Core Platinum Certification. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 77

TAIKOO LI RETAIL PARKING QIANTAN Over sq ft 1,190,000 900 spaces All gross floor area ( GF A ) data based on the completed developments and those under development. All figures are shown on a 100% basis. 1 Taikoo Li Qiantan 1 (Shopping Centre) The first shopping mall in the world to receive the WELL CORE PLATINUM CERTIFICATION PAGE 78 SWIRE PROPERTIES

Swire Properties’ third Taikoo Li-branded complex in the The complex features a sustainability-focused design Chinese Mainland represents the third generation of our concept and contemporary architecture. This blends evolving, locally-inspired development philosophy. An elements found in nature together with distinctive art expression of our sustainable development work with installations by international artists, including a trio of wellbeing of occupants at its core, Taikoo Li Qiantan is the sculptures of everyday objects from contemporary life first shopping mall in the world to receive the WELL Core by the renowned British conceptual artist Michael Craig- Platinum Certification. Developed using contemporary, Martin and a playful, over-sized sculpture by acclaimed fluid architecture, the complex shares the Taikoo Li British artists Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan. Taikoo brand’s low-density aesthetic, though it has evolved to Li Qiantan has a gross floor area of approximately 1.2 a new level through the application of our experience. million sq ft and is directly connected to the Oriental Opened in 2021, this is a retail-led complex that Sports Centre metro station, with its three metro lines exemplifies several attributes of modern Shanghai: its offering direct access to the city’s major districts. rapid urbanisation, efficient transportation system and increasing demand for world-class commercial space. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 79


In 2022, Swire Properties announced the development of Taikoo Li Xi’an as the fourth Taikoo Li and its seventh development in the Chinese Mainland. TAIKOO LI The site is located within the Small Wild Goose Pagoda historical and cultural zone, a prized scenic area that has profound historical and cultural significance to Xi’an. Located adjacent to the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, itself a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as the Jianfu Temple, a royal temple of Tang Chang’an which was built in 684 AD during the Tang Dynasty, it will be developed into a retail-led XI’AN project. Taikoo Li Xi’an will feature innovative low-rise, open-plan architecture, retail and cultural facilities, in addition to a luxury hotel, serviced residences and (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)business apartments. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 81


A premium, retail-led, mixed-use brand created for the Chinese Mainland. PAGE 83


Taikoo Hui Guangzhou, a business and lifestyle complex in Guangzhou, brings together two A-Grade office towers and the five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel and serviced apartments. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 85

The first Taikoo Hui-branded development distinctive design, impressive atrium and and our largest investment property in abundant natural light. Inviting green spaces the Chinese Mainland, the complex is and piazzas allow for relaxed dining inside or situated in Guangzhou’s prestigious Tianhe outdoors, while a large tree-lined roof garden central business district and comprises a hosts a variety of cafés and restaurants. world-class shopping mall, two premium In 2021, Taikoo Hui became powered by office towers and the 263-room, five-star 100% renewable electricity, achieving Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou. The world- net-zero carbon for electricity usage. class shopping mall is characterised by its PAGE 86 SWIRE PROPERTIES

TAIKOO HUI OFFICE RETAIL GUANGZHOU sq ft sq ft 1,700,000 1,500,000 HOTELS SERVICED APARTMENTS sq ft sq ft 580,000 52,000 PARKING All gross floor area ( GF A Over ) data based on the c omp l e t ed d e v e l op me n ts a nd t ho se u nd e 700 spaces r development. All figures are shown on a 100% basis. 1 Taikoo Hui Tower 1 & 2 1 2 3 2 Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou 3 Serviced Apartments 4 Taikoo Hui (Shopping Mall) 4 SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 87


Seamlessly connected to the city, HKRI Taikoo Hui's multifaceted complex delivers inspired lifestyle retail, two office towers, alongside luxury hotels The Middle House hotel and The Sukhothai Shanghai. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 89

Made up of a lifestyle shopping mall, two premium The distinctive retail mall has a vast, curved glass office towers, two hotels and serviced apartments, roof housing a mix of over 250 brands, many new to HKRI Taikoo Hui is Swire Properties’ first large-scale Shanghai, and a “specialist beauty corridor”, along project in Shanghai. with a wide range of dining and entertainment attractions, including the first Starbucks Reserve The complex is seamlessly connected to the Roastery in Asia, as well as over 45 F&B outlets. The rest of the city via Metro line 13, with line 2 and complex is also home to Swire Hotels’ The Middle line 12 at West Nanjing Road station in close House. Voted among the Best Hotels in China in the proximity, as well as highways with direct access Condé Nast Traveler 2022 Readers’ Choice to Pudong International Airport and the Hongqiao Awards, The Middle House blends Italian architect Transportation Hub. Piero Lissoni’s sleek, bold vision with local Shanghainese elements and a modern aesthetic. Of note at HKRI Taikoo Hui, is the conserved historic Minli School, which today elegantly houses The Harrods Tea Rooms. PAGE 90 SWIRE PROPERTIES

HKRI TAIKOO HUI OFFICE RETAIL sq ft sq ft 1,173,000 1,828,000 HOTELS SERVICED APARTMENTS sq ft 388,000 sq ft 147,000 PARKING All gross floor area ( GF A Over ) data based on the c omp l e t ed d e v e l op me n ts a nd t ho se u nd e 1,000 spaces r development. All figures are shown on a 100% basis. 1 The Middle House 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 The Middle House Residences 3 HKRI Centre 2 4 HKRI Taikoo Hui (Shopping Mall) 5 HKRI Centre 1 6 The Sukhothai Shanghai SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 91


A mixed-use development in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, INDIGO blends a quality retail mall with a sustainable A-Grade office tower, alongside lifestyle business hotel EAST Beijing, with the expansion of INDIGO Phase Two under development. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 93

INDIGO is a retail-led, mixed-use development focused on capturing and distributing natural in the northeast of Central Beijing which has light, while the 26,000 sq ft Winter Garden with become a landmark for the area. Made up of a its signature sweeping glass roof is a celebrated stylish shopping mall, the 23-storey sustainable space for large-scale events. A-Grade office tower ONE INDIGO, and lifestyle hotel EAST Beijing, INDIGO has rejuvenated the In December 2020, Swire Properties announced neighbourhood and helped to foster a sense the development of INDIGO Phase Two located of community. adjacent to the existing complex. Phase Two will be an office-led, mixed-use extension Located a 15-minute drive away from Beijing comprised of a shopping mall, office towers Capital International Airport with a direct link to and a hotel with an expected total GFA of subway line 14, the development is also close approximately 4.05 million sq ft. to the bustling 798 Art Zone, a hub of creativity. The mall’s contemporary architecture is PAGE 94 SWIRE PROPERTIES

Artist’s impression of INDIGO Phase Two, Beijing INDIGO RETAIL OFFICE sq ft 939,000 sq ft 589,000 HOTELS UNDER DEVELOPMENT sq ft 358,000 sq ft 4,046,000 PARKING All gross floor area ( G F A Over ) data based on the c omp l e t ed de v e l opme nts a nd tho se unde 1,200 spaces r development. All fi gures are shown on a 100% basis. 1 INDIGO Phase Two 1 2 3 4 (under development) 2 INDIGO (Shopping Mall) 3 EAST Beijing 4 ONE INDIGO SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 95

ZHANGYUAN SHANGHAI Heralding the revitalisation of the ZHANGYUAN shikumen compound, located close to HKRI Taikoo Hui in the Nanjing Road West, Swire Properties is transforming a cultural and commercial centre across a total site area of over 40,000 sqm. Spanning an expected gross floor area (above ground) of approximately 60,000 sqm, the historic ZHANGYUAN is repositioned as a world-class cultural innovation venue, with high-end office spaces, residential apartments, a boutique hotel and enlivening retail and dining outlets. Its underground space will connect to three Metro lines at Shanghai Metro Nanjing Road West Station, enhancing connectivity to the surrounding communities. PAGE 96 SWIRE PROPERTIES

ZHANGYUAN, historically known as the “Best Garden in Shanghai”, has been revitalised into a unique international cultural and commercial landmark in the heart of the city. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 97

SANYA HAINAN (UNDER DEVELOPMENT) A joint-venture partnership with the world’s largest duty-free operator, CDF Investment & Development Co. Ltd (“CDFID”), a subsidiary of China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation Limited (“CTG Duty Free”), sees Swire Properties embark on its eighth large-scale commercial development in the Chinese Mainland: a new premium retail hub in Sanya, Hainan. Located in the heart of Haitang Bay National Coastal Recreation Park, the site will be developed as a resort-style, retail-led development, with phased completion starting in 2024. PAGE 98 SWIRE PROPERTIES




Beginning in the late 1970s, Swire Properties gradually Each tower enjoys stunning views across the bay, transformed this 18-hectare barren private island into achieving a balance between island and urban culture. a thriving residential and commercial community. A generous area of open space in the centre of the Located in Biscayne Bay, adjacent to Miami’s dynamic island acts as a “village green”; part of a plan to enhance financial district, Brickell Key consists of six million sq ft the residential and cultural ecosystem through of real estate, including over 2,400 luxury apartments. extensive parkland, recreational areas and numerous The community encompasses nine residential towers, public art installations. two office buildings, a five-star hotel and a village-style retail complex. The design concentrates taller buildings at the north end of the island to enhance south-facing views and maximise free space on the waterfront for recreation and relaxation. PAGE 102 SWIRE PROPERTIES


BRICKELL CITY CENTRE MIAMI, FLORIDA Brickell City Centre has breathed new life into Miami, with its acclaimed mix of retail, the award-winning EAST Miami hotel and serviced apartments. PAGE 104 SWIRE PROPERTIES


Located in the heart of Miami’s financial district, Swire every aspect of the city’s vibrant, cosmopolitan lifestyle. Properties’ first large-scale mixed-use property in the United States is one of the largest such complexes in Brickell City Centre’s Climate Ribbon, a 150,000 sq ft Miami. Phase One of the development includes a 500,000 elevated canopy of steel, glass and translucent fabric sq ft retail component, two 390-apartment residential above the pedestrian thoroughfares, connects the various towers, two mid-rise office towers named Two Brickell City components of the complex. Channelling the breezes from Centre and Three Brickell City Centre, the award-winning Biscayne Bay, this distinctive architectural feature provides 352-room EAST Miami hotel, Swire Hotels’ first EAST shade from the sun, creates air flow and collects rainwater, property in the United States – ranked among The Best alleviating the extremes of Miami’s tropical climate. Hotels and Resorts in the World in the Condé Nast Traveler Gold List 2022 – alongside 89 serviced apartments, and the In 2020, Swire Properties completed the sale of Two Brickell local rarity of on-site parking. City Centre and Three Brickell City Centre, continuing as property manager for both Grade-A office buildings. In Opened in 2016, Brickell City Centre is fully integrated 2021, the Company completed the sale of EAST Miami, into Miami’s rail and road transport infrastructure and with Swire Hotels’ hotel management arm continuing to has reinvigorated the neighbourhood by connecting with oversee the hotel and serviced apartments. PAGE 106 SWIRE PROPERTIES

BRICKELL CITY RETAIL UNDER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE sq ft sq ft 497,000 1,967,000 PARKING All gross floor area ( G F A Over ) data based on the c omp l e t ed de v e l opme nts a nd tho se unde 2,000 spaces r development. All fi gures are shown on a 100% basis. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 107

RESIDENTIAL Setting the standard for contemporary residential properties. PAGE 108 SWIRE PROPERTIES

PAGE 109

RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Our long-term approach and creative RESIDENTIAL mindset are immediately apparent in the residential properties we develop. These INVESTMENT high quality, architecturally innovative residences are planned and designed with AND SALES meticulous attention to detail. With sophisticated design, high management standards and outstanding quality, our residential developments offer an exceptional living experience with a focus on long-term value creation for residents and the community. Over the past 50 years, we have brought a number of luxury residential developments to the market in different areas of Hong Kong, and have also established a strong presence in Miami, Florida. We maintain a portfolio of premium serviced apartments in Hong Kong – at Pacific Place and Taikoo Place – and in several of our Taikoo Li and Taikoo Hui developments on OPUS Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland, all offering an exceptional urban Frank Gehry's first residential development in Asia living experience. PAGE 110 SWIRE PROPERTIES

EDEN, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, our first residential development in Singapore SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 111

HAM TIN VILLAS Embracing South Lantau’s rich local heritage and natural beauty, HAM TIN VILLAS is Swire Properties’ exclusive luxury residential project nestled in a quiet corner of Pui O Beach. Surrounded by lush unspoiled greenery and featuring panoramic views of the South China Sea, HHAM TIN VILLAS nine detached houses range from approximately 1,500 sq ft to 1,700 sq ft – each featuring three bedrooms and a 3,700 sq ft to 5,700 sq ft garden, offering an exceptional, immersive lifestyle. PAGE 112 SWIRE PROPERTIES

EIGHT STAR STREET Offering integrated, seamless and smart living at its finest, Swire Properties’ newest residential Hong Kong property is located just a few minutes from Pacific Place. EIGHT STAR STREET’s enviable location includes proximity to our future commercial developments in the area. Offering 37 one-to- three bedroom units as well as duplex units, in a modern, architecturally distinct building in Starstreet Precinct, thoughtful design and amenities combine to reflect Swire Properties’ hallmarks of craftsmanship, quality and style. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 113

SAVYAVASA EMPIRE CITY SOUTH JAKARTA, HO CHI MINH CITY, INDONESIA VIETNAM Artist's Impression Artist's Impression Set in three hectares of lush landscape, Savyavasa is Under phased development since 2021, Empire City is a Swire Properties’ first luxury rresidential development residential-led, mixed-use development in Ho Chi Minh in South Jakarta, Indonesia. Located in the heart of City, Vietnam. Located on a prime 14.6-hectare waterfront Dharmawangsa, one of Jakarta’s most exclusive, culturally site in the Thu Thiem Urban Area on the Saigon River, with rich neighbourhood, the project consists of three towers a total GFA of over 7.1 million sq ft, this placemaking project totaling 431 units with double-height living and dining is creating Vietnam’s newest business district, comprising areas in the larger apartments. It also features a one km- residential, retail, office, hotel and serviced apartments. long walking trail incorporating natural parklands and an Construction is currently underway and completion will urban forest. Expected to be completed in 2024, Savyavasa take place in phases till 2028. is also the first Jakarta residential project to be built to the Green Mark Gold standard. Brimming with vegetation, Savyavasa’s prime location places it in an exclusive setting alongside the elegant Dharmawangsa Square shopping centre, luxury hotels, bars and restaurants, and the city’s leading international schools. PAGE 114 SWIRE PROPERTIES

THE RIVER HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS In Hong Kong, a proposed development in Chai Wan will house a 694,000 sq ft. complex with three residential towers, retail shops, a covered public transport terminus and a public open space. Slated for completion in 2024, a site in Wong Chuk Hang, on the south side of Hong Kong Island, will be developed into two residential towers with an aggregate gross floor area of approximately 638,000 sq ft, holding close to 800 residential units. In 2022, Swire Properties won the bid for a residential site at 269 Queen’s Road East. This parcel of land is approximately 13,200 sq ft and can generate a gross floor area of approximately 116,200 sq ft. In February 2023, Swire Properties announced that it Located in the Thu Thiem new urban area of Ho Chi Minh has acquired a 40% interest in a site located on Wireless City, often referred to as the “Pudong of HCMC”, The River Road in Bangkok, Thailand. This acquisition of this rare is a luxury residential property offering a resort-like lifestyle, freehold plot marks Swire Properties’ first investment with a total GFA of approximately 750,000 sq ft. Set on in the Bangkok property market. The Company plans the Saigon River the project comprises three residential to develop the site, located in the prime Lumphini sub- towers offering a total of 525 luxury apartments adjacent district in Pathum Wan District, into a super-luxury to four hectares of lush, landscaped public parkland on condominium project, in partnership with local developer the riverside. The development is completed, setting new City Realty Co. Ltd. With a site area of 136,335 sq ft, the benchmarks for the city’s premium residential market. project is situated in the core CBD area of Bangkok and will enjoy open views of both Lumphini and Benjakitti parks. Situated adjacent to Lumphini park, the site is conveniently located close to upscale shopping malls, international schools, five-star hotels and embassies. PAGE 115


Two distinctive hotel brands, one group. PAGE 117

Swire Hotels’ two brands, EAST and The House Collective, are found in several major world cities. Each brand has its own style and character and both exemplify Swire Properties with their shared appreciation for exceptional design, creativity and service excellence. THE HOUSE COLLECTIVE Beautifully designed, highly individual and uniquely THE UPPER HOUSE imagined luxury properties made for seasoned travellers The Upper House in Pacific Place is a 117-room hotel with an who seek a different, intimate and personalised atmosphere of tranquil modern luxury set high above the vibrant experience. streets of Hong Kong. THE OPPOSITE HOUSE THE UPPER HOUSE THE TEMPLE HOUSE The Opposite House in Taikoo Li Sanlitun, Beijing is a distinctive, THE MIDDLE HOUSE MI XUN emerald glass-covered 99-room hotel that is full of fascinating and THE OPPOSITE HOUSE TEA HOUSE dramatic contrasts. THE TEMPLE HOUSE One-Michelin Star The Temple House has 100 hotel rooms and 42 serviced apartments and is a stunning reflection of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu’s heritage preservation. THE MIDDLE HOUSE At the 2022 TripAdvisor Travellers' The Middle House at HKRI Taikoo Hui in Shanghai houses 111 hotel Choice® Awards rooms and 102 serviced apartments, with chic interiors and an abundance of outdoor space. PAGE 118 SWIRE PROPERTIES

Architectural Rendering (Image by Proloog. Copyright: Snøhetta. Courtesy of Tokyu Corporation) DISTINCTIVE In 2022, Swire Properties debuted a new operating model, with the newest luxury hotel under “The House HOSPITALITY Collective” brand heralding the development of Swire Hotels’ hotel management arm. Yet-to-be-named, the hotel will be Swire Hotels’ first luxury hotel opening outside China; set to open in 2027 in Japan as part of the high-end, mixed-use Shibuya Upper West Project in Tokyo. Swire Hotels’ new operator-led model of hotels under third-party ownership will also lend itself to the opening of an ultra-luxury hotel in the heart of Shenzhen Bay in 2025 under The House Collective. Distinctive design and a people-first approach are the hallmarks of The House Collective’s brand of world-class hospitality. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 119

EAST Modern-day lifestyle hotels bursting with energy and ideas that promote a healthy work-life balance. PAGE 120 SWIRE PROPERTIES

EAST HONG KONG The original 331-room hotel in Taikoo Shing. The hotel’s popular restaurant and its rooftop bar, Sugar, contribute significantly to the district’s vibrant sense of community. EAST BEIJING A 369-room business hotel and a core element of the INDIGO complex. EAST MIAMI A 263-room hotel with 89 serviced apartments which perfectly complements Brickell City Centre. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 121


CHAPTER 3 History and Milestones SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 123

HISTORY AND MILESTONES FOUNDATIONS TRANSFORMATION Swire opened its first Hong Kong office at No.1 In 1972, the closure of both the refinery and dockyard in Connaught Road in 1870. In 1882, to satisfy Asia’s Quarry Bay prefaced a new Company, Swire Properties. growing demand for cane sugar, Swire built the Taikoo The birth of this Company led to the creation of Taikoo Sugar Refinery on the waterfront in Quarry Bay. The Shing, one of the first large-scale private residential need to repair their Chinese Mainland fleet led to developments in Hong Kong; Cityplaza, an original retail the construction of the Taikoo Dockyard in the same concept that created a comprehensive mall under one district, which was at the time the largest and most roof; and the transformation of a barracks into Pacific sophisticated dockyard in the region. Place. These milestones in Swire Properties’ history would shape the Company’s business strategy in the years to come, re-defining the concept of placemaking mixed-use developments in the region. PAGE 124 SWIRE PROPERTIES

1972 Swire Properties was incorporated in Hong Kong with interests held by B & S Industries Limited and The Taikoo Dockyard and Engineering Company of Hong Kong Limited (renamed as Swire Pacific Limited in 1970 - 1974) 1975 Commencement of the redevelopment of the site vacated by the dockyard into one of Hong Kong’s first major private housing estates, 1989 to be known as Taikoo Shing 1978 Development of Brickell Key, a mixed-use community, located off the coast of Miami, Florida in the United States 1972 1983 Staged opening of Cityplaza, the largest shopping and entertainment centre on Hong Kong Island 1985 The Victoria Barracks site at Admiralty is purchased at auction 1975 1988 Pacific Place opens to first tenants 1989 Completion of The Albany, Mid-Levels 1991–1992 Cityplaza Four opens in 1991, and Cityplaza Three is completed in 1992 1990 - 1993–2003 Devon House is completed in 1993. In the next decade, Dorset House, PCCW Tower, Cityplaza One, Lincoln House and Oxford House follow 1995 1999 Swire Properties becomes a Founding Member of the HK-BEAM Society (Building Environmental Assessment Method) 1999 StarCrest begins regeneration of the Star Street area 1991 SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 125

2001 Completion of the Taikoo Place Matrix, a dedicated fibre-optic network 22000000 - - Opening of office in Guangzhou, Chinese Mainland 2002 Agreement signed with Guangzhou Daily Group to develop 20200099 Taikoo Hui Guangzhou 2003 Completion of residences at 3 Coombe Road on The Peak Completion of Cambridge House 2006 2004 Opening of office in Shanghai, Chinese Mainland 2006 Transformation of the retail centre in Tung Chung into Citygate Outlets, Hong Kong’s first outlet shopping mall Acquisition of a 50% interest in HKR International’s Dazhongli 2007 Project in Shanghai 2007 The HK$2.1 billion contemporisation project of Pacific Place commences Company acquires 80% interest to develop Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing 2008 Opening of office in Chengdu, Chinese Mainland 2008 Opening of Taikoo Li Sanlitun South and The Opposite House in Beijing Launch of Swire Hotels 2009 Completion of One Island East 2009 Opening of The Upper House, Swire Hotels’ first property in Pacific Place, Hong Kong PAGE 126 SWIRE PROPERTIES

2010 Opening of EAST, Hong Kong, the first of a new group of lifestyle hotels 2010 - Opening of Taikoo Li Sanlitun North in Beijing Successful land acquisition in Chengdu’s Daci Temple area Swire Properties and Tsinghua University establish Joint Research 2015 Centre for Building Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 2011 Opening of Taikoo Hui Guangzhou 2010 The AZURA and ARGENTA projects in Mid-Levels are both launched for sale Opening of INDIGO in phases 2012 Swire Properties Limited is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange OPUS HONG KONG launches for sale 2011 Opening of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Taikoo Hui Guangzhou 2013 Announces new luxury residential developments, DUNBAR PLACE and MOUNT PARKER RESIDENCES for sale Completion of the Old Wan Chai revitalisation initiatives 2014 Acquisition of DCH Commercial centre in Taikoo Place which is renamed Berkshire House Start of Taikoo Place redevelopment work Beginning of Cityplaza’s HK$100 million facelift project 2012 Launch of Blueprint at Taikoo Place 2015 Opening of Taikoo Place Apartments (Now known as “EAST Residences”) Grand opening of Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu Swire Properties Inc., Simon Property Group and Whitman Family Development establish a three-way partnership to develop the retail segment of Brickell City Centre Whitesands offered for sale Swire Restaurants launches Mr & Mrs Fox in Taikoo Place Opening of the Temple House in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu Named Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices (DJSI) for the first time SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 127

2016 Opening of EAST, Miami, the first Swire Hotels property in the United States, along with Brickell City Centre 2016 - Launch of SD 2030 Strategy Second-year inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific 2020 Index and first-time listing in the FTSE4Good Index 2017 Operning of HKRI Taikoo Hui, the first Swire Properties mixed-use development in Shanghai 2016 Listed in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Index (GRESB) SD 2030 Vision and Strategy announced 2018 One Taikoo Place office tower in Taikoo Place tops out Unveils first Green Bond to fund green projects 2017 Enters into a joint venture to develop Taikoo Li Qiantan, Shanghai The Middle House opens in HKRI Taikoo Hui, Shanghai 2019 EAST Hong Kong introduces EAST Residences (Formerly known as Taikoo Place Apartments) Launch of EDEN, first ultra-luxury residences in Singapore Announces first residential project in Jakarta, Indonesia Opening of Citygate Outlets’ new extension Named one of the Top 10 Most Sustainable Real Estate Developers in the World in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, and retains number one spot in the Other (mixed-use development) 2018 category in the GRESB Launch of office in Shenzhen, Chinese Mainland Opening of office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2020 Announces new residential project, The River, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2019 Publication of our first-ever “Places Impact Report” on Island East Named “Hong Kong’s Most Attractive Employer” by Randstad"s Employer Brand Research Sale of Two Brickell City Centre and Three Brickell City Centre 2020 Sales launch of EIGHT STAR STREET, residential project in the Starstreet Precinct Opening of office in Bangkok, Thailand Opening of office in Xian, Chinese Mainland Artist's Impression PAGE 128 SWIRE PROPERTIES

2021 Announces partnership with Shanghai Jing’an Real Estate Group to 2021 - revitalise historic Zhangyuan shikumen compound Announces Cooperation Agreement with People’s Government of Chaoyang District, Beijing Municipality and Beijing Public Transport Corporation (BPTC) to transform a BPTC maintenance 2022 facility into a cultural and commercial destination Taikoo Hui Guangzhou celebrates its 10th anniversary milestone Opening of Taikoo Li Qiantan, Shanghai 2021 First Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland developer to have 1.5°C-Aligned Science-Based Targets approved Signs Cooperation Letter of Intent to jointly develop a new urban and cultural development located in the Julong Wan Area, in Guangzhou’s Liwan District Community Ambassador Programme celebrates its 20th 2022 anniversary Opening of Taikoo Li Sanlitun West, Beijing Completed the sale of the property of EAST Miami 2022 50th Anniversary of Swire Properties Taikoo Li Qiantan becomes the world's first shopping mall to receive WELL Core Platinum certification Announces partnership with Xi’an Cheng Huan Cultural Investment and Development Co. to develop Taikoo Li Xi’an Announces Swire Hotels' new mixed-use retail, premium office and ultra-luxury hotel development under The House Collective to Architectural Rendering open in 2025 in Shenzhen’s Greater Bay Area (Image by Proloog. Copyright: Snøhetta. Courtesy of Tokyu Corporation) Announces Swire Hotels’ newest luxury hotel outside China under The House Collective, to open in 2027 as part of the high-end, mixed-use Shibuya Upper West Project in Tokyo, Japan Second time named "Hong Kong’s Most Attractive Employer" by Randstad's Employer Brand Research Ranks No. 1 In Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index for fifth consecutive year Swire Properties and Guangzhou Pearl River Enterprises Group hold the Groundbreaking and Cooperation signing ceremony for a partnership to develop a new urban commercial and cultural destination in the Julong Wan Area of Guangzhou’s Liwan District Announces investment with China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation to develop Sanya retail project, and hosts Groundbreaking ceremony in the same year Opening of Two Taikoo Place, Hong Kong SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 129

THE SWIRE GROUP Swire is a highly diversified global group. Many of our core businesses can be found within the Asia Pacific region, where traditionally Swire’s operations have centred on the Hong Kong SAR and the Chinese Mainland. Within Asia, Swire activities come under the Group’s publicly quoted arm, Swire Pacific Limited. Swire Pacific’s strategy is focused on Greater China and Southeast Asia, where the company seeks to grow its core businesses of Property, Beverages, and Aviation, as well as new areas of growth such as healthcare and sustainable foods. As a subsidiary of Swire Pacific, Swire Properties was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2012. The Swire brand is highly respected for its history and commercial integrity. The company prides itself on the originality and quality of its products, and the consistency of its services. The Swire Group seeks to foster long-term sustainable growth through active participation in management, underpinned by a strong financial base. With its long history in the region, the Group has made significant contributions to economic development in Hong Kong and on the Chinese Mainland. The motto of the Swire Group is “Esse Quam Videri”, meaning “To Be, Rather Than to Seem to Be”. The values implicit in this motto include integrity, humility, endeavour, excellence, and continuity. PAGE 130 SWIRE PROPERTIES

The Swire Group has been trading successfully for over 200 years. The Group opened its first Hong Kong office in 1870 and has had a presence on the Chinese Mainland for over 150 years. SWIRE PROPERTIES PAGE 131



February 2023 Copyright© 2023 Swire Properties Limited The information provided in this brochure is for general reference purposes only and is subject to change. Whilst all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this brochure, no express or implied warranty is given by Swire Properties Limited, its subsidiaries, and/or affiliated companies as to the accuracy and completeness of such information. This brochure shall not be made the basis for any claim, suit, demand or cause of action or other proceeding against Swire Properties Limited and its employees. The Gross Floor Area (GFA) figures quoted in this document are approximate and rounded. For further information, please refer to 2021 Annual Report and